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As an already stupified toilet-roll stockpiling populace cheer on an Alice in Wonderland dystopia and climate change cult fanatics hug trees to stop ice caps melting, we might as well all go down together laughing.

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Boris Johnson


Practical Stay Safe Covid Advice from Oddsprockets Weekly Herald Mail Bag

Old worn out car

Muck Raking

How one reader’s lateral thinking saved him from certain death by a runny nose and sore throat. An awe inspiring tale of human ingenuity as he helplessly watched the population being wiped out around him ... continue reading »

Oddsprockets Ultimate Tour Guide for this Years’ Liberal Holiday Destinations

Video sleeve of Haunted Liberal White House

Guest poster: Foxley Hound

Don’t plan your holiday until you’ve read Oddsprockets latest liberal tour guide. From safe space camping on the streets of liberal Kal i Fornia to genuine ‘old skool’ EUSSR socialism, it’s all here.

Voted best liberal travel guide by our readership and endorsed by Joe Biden but he forgot to tell you ... read here »

Breaking Weekly News

Damning Report on American v English Food Shocks America - UN Inquiry Called

Bob the Builder EU utopia

Charity Squatpump

Oddsprockets Weekly Herald report finds American food not fit for human consumption and urges Americans to export British food to the Middle East instead of democracy ... read more »

Covid Masks Responsible for High Unemployment says Bank Robber

Russian miltary with picture of Rambo

Rupert Oddsprocket

Mr. Robin Banks from London accused the government of deliberately putting the country's self-employed bank robbers onto the unemployment register as Boris introduced a compulsory mask policy ... read full article »

Mr. Banks said, "I’m just trying to level up and spread the wealth around and not be a burden on the British taxpayer."

Latest Weekly Update

A British boxing referee was forced to stop a heavy weight boxing match in the first few seconds of round one as the boxers refused to obey the two meter social distancing rule.

Mr Putin describing reading glasses

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